Grand Medical


"Grand Medical" Physical Center

The Grand Medical offers a wide range of physiotherapy treatments. These can be obtained through a corresponding cash register or private prescription or can be used as a personal contribution.


Vegeto-osteopathy is a very special treatment concept within osteopathy. It is the synthesis of classic osteopathy, conventional medical knowledge and the individual approach of each person on all levels.


1. Manuel therapy
2. Physiotherapy
3. Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunction (CMD)
4. Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)
5. Physiotherapy on the device (KGG)
6. Neurological treatment (according to BOBATH)
7. Connective tissue massage (BGM)
8. Classic massage
9. Trigger point therapy
10. Pain Management
11. Respiratory therapy (ATG)
12. Heat therapy
13. Electrotherapy
Treatment appointments by arrangement and treatment prices on request.


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Phone: 02603-5076244